The Community Process

The area of Westwold has a long history of cattle ranching dating back to the 1800’s. Settled by determined homesteaders, the Falkland Valley features farmlands surrounded by forested hills and easily accessible fishing lakes and streams. It’s also KML’s home, one of BC’s foremost federally regulated processing facilities that partners with local ranchers to keep BC beef local.

Whether it’s processing 1846 products or independent products we maintain the same standards of animal handling and uncompromising quality. This is the only way to turn BC into a thriving, competitive leader in the beef industry.

Partnering With Local Ranchers

The BC beef market has so much potential. So many of our cows are shipped outside our province to be processed. There is an opportunity for us to partner with our local ranches to grow BC beef nationally and internationally.


How we treat and protect others and the environment enhances everyone’s livelihood. People should enjoy what they’re eating with peace of mind about where the product came from.


We are committed to producing high quality products, and building long lasting relationships with our customers by consistently offering a superior and traceable product.


The outstanding qualities of BC’s natural landscape transfer into the beef produced here and are maintained through the highest standards of processing and animal care.

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